Here are some of America’s Richest People

Here is a list of famous people in our century. Majority are American, yet, some Canadian, British, and of mixed cultures. Not all of these individuals aimed to hit gold, rather they perused what came naturally to them. A curious inventor, a famous painter, programmer and computer wizards, and economic aware investors. Each individual made a name for him and herself by just following an idea. Most of these individuals are known to the average person in the United States.  Some are not household names, yet, very influential and known in their respective industries.

Elizabeth Holmes, 30, Palo Alto, CA, invented a new method of testing blood and formed a company called “Theranos.” 2014.

Bill Gates, $81B

Warren Buffett,  $67B,

Larry Ellison, $50B,

Charles Koch, $42B

David Koch, $42B

Others are known worldwide, yet, have not reached the super rich status. These individuals have die hard fans, and admirers.

George Lucas, $5B, is a director, writer, producer and businessman.

Steven Spielberg, $3.5B, is an American director, screenwriter and producer.

Oprah Winfrey, $2.9B, Media mogul, television host and author

Jami Gretz, $2B, is an American actress and philanthropist

Sir Paul McCartney, $1.2B, is a British musician

JK Rowling, $1B, is a British author and movie producer. Ms. Rowling is one of the wealthiest private citizens.

Herb Alpert, $850M, is an American musician

Dr. Dre, $810M, is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur and producer

Madonna, $800M, is an American influencer and best-selling recording musical artist

David Copperfield, $800M, is an American magician

James Cameron, $700M, is an Canadian born director

Celine Dion, $630M, is a Canadian singer, actress, songwriter, and entrepreneur

Candy Spelling, $600M, is an American heiress, writer, socialite, and entrepreneur

J. Christopher Flower, $600M, is an American investor and investment manager

Michael Jackson, $600M, was an American, was one of the most famous musical artists in history. RIP.

Shahrukh Khan, $600M, is an actor, film producer, and TV personality

Liz Taylor, $600M, was a British-American actress. RIP.