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“SEO-Social-Marketing” in Plano, TX, also offers Farsi speaker’s Farsi SEO optimization services!

In today’s world it is essential for all Farsi speakers to have a second website that introduces the company products and services. A we all know, not all clients live in the same city. Therefore, it is essential to take a step forward and optimize your site for a greater audience, the English speaking world. If you can’t afford to invest in a second website, you could consider to create an English page on your main website and optimize it.  This I call FARSI SEO!  This way your website can be found on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, who follow the same search engine optimization rules.

Farsi SEO Summer Special & English SEO Summer Special

We offer a summer special for $550! You get an informative website with 5 pages. You provide us with some content & 5 images, so we know what your interests are. We write organic SEO on to each of the pages. We provide you with a simple working SEO strategy.

All other services such as monthly blog, social media profile setup, social media marketing, Google AdWords campaign, paid advertisement, SEM, have an additional cost!


Please go to our Contact page and let us know how we may assist you? If you speak Farsi, please call us at the number below. If you have questions in regard to Content Management, Link Building, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, PPC, Farsi SEO,  Keyword search or any other questions.

Lotfan be safeh Ertebatat beravid . Va ya ba shomare +1 972-757-1587 tamas hasel farmaieed.  Merci.

Farsi Video:  http://youtu.be/jeOnuuS5-WQ

Based on Farsi SEO keyword: Our YouTube Video Ranked on Google Page 1.

This page is also ranked 1st & 2nd position on Yahoo Page 1, for “Farsi SEO” keywords.


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