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Blogging and Content Marketing have been around for many years. As time progresses, the industry gets more sophisticated, yet, content marketing (includes infographics, news videos, podcasting, charts…) tips and tricks are provided readily to those who seek it. The Internet is a vast source of knowledge!

Would you like to write your own blog?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to write your first blog and post it.

  • Blog Post Writing: Use specific keywords (or key phrases), prompt this into your Post Title and text content.
  • Blog Post Formatting: Each blog post needs to have a heading. Use h1, h2, h3 in your section headings. Write unique headings by using keywords, and key phrases.
  • Blog Post Distribution: Use your many social media accounts. Post links to your social media. If you don’t have any, please create a few. We suggest at least Twitter & Facebook, or any other social network that fits your industry.

Blogging, Content Marketing & SEO

You might ask, why should you write a blog post?

  • Blog posts create great SEO juice in Google Search in 2019
  • It is advised to write unique blog posts for your business.
  •  Be consistent! If you post twice a month, do it on time.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers online. It is a way of sharing information and data of media and publishing content in a unique and original way.

What is News Video Blog?

A news video blog is similar to a video. The content is written out, recording live with participants in a studio setting with lighting, makeup, and no background noise. News videos rank higher. In the news video you will interview a notable person about a trendy subject.

What is a Podcast Blog?

  •  Podcasts are prerecorded content
  •  Popular among the younger generation
  •  Write a fun podcast blog post!
  • When speaking of podcast, internet radio comes in mind. Internet radio shows are live on a special day and time.
  • Podcasts can be the outcome of a recorded radio show, that is a prerecorded audio files, which, is uploaded on an audio friendly platforms and live on the Internet forever.

Easy Ways to Use Content Marketing for SEO

  • Write a fun blog post!
  • Ask the same questions your customers ask you.
  • In your  blog posts answer your customer’s questions.
  • If your blog post is in Farsi or German, give us a call, we can help! A Farsi Blog Post needs additional strategy.

Example:  A realtor writes a series of blog posts on how to get your house ready for sale.

SEO TIPS for Blog Posts

  • When writing a blog, Google indexes every word you write in your “Post Title.”
  • Always use header tags such as H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
  • Google has the ability to index your phrases and your main search terms, to provide search results.
  • Do not over use keywords, just write naturally!

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