The Power of Nation Building and SEO

By Rassin Roshan, May 21, 2014 |

How are nation building, SEO, and online marketing even relevant?  Today, our world is connected through technology. In majority of countries, the everyday person has access to a computer, smart phone and other means of technology to connect with each other and the world-wide-web. 

Some might ask, what is the meaning of nation building?  In short, nation building refers to the process of constructing a national identity. From a Western view, to infuse democracy, create political stability, social harmony and economic growth.

Nation Building

Nation building is not an easy task that will happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to reach the ultimate target in educating individuals to rise above their present situation. In order to reach this goal and to eliminate bloodshed, we reach out to online marketing and social media, such as Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ ,  and in order to voice our concerns and ultimately educate our readers, we must use the power of search engine optimization, SEO, which will take our message far and beyond to all who are interested. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and today’s white hat strategies, will aid us in the broadcasting of our educational material that will reach various media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing and especially Google users. Each has its limitations, yet, in major uprisings Twitter seems to have an upper hand, for its short and instant messaging capability. Moment in time will be publicized to the world! 

Twitter as Instant News Feed

In 2011, the Egyptian Revolution started with instant uncensored and accurate messages through Twitter to coordinate an uprising and through YouTube to show the world of the many injustices. Twitter was used as an Instant News Feed.  Egyptians set the standards of how to start a modernized Social Media Revolution in the 21st Century. Other countries in the region followed.

Social Media as Instant News Feed | Nation Building

Once the social media was used as an instant news feed, messages were received, by any writer worldwide. News hit the TV and Internet faster than writers can write. However, writers will use on-page and off-page SEO to reach mobile and Internet readers worldwide. Wherever a mobile tower or internet connection, messages will be received.  Even images and Instagram are good tools to reinforce education. People like to share!  For instance:  we enforce sharing of war images, famous quotes, political messages, economic and messages of peace. All these go through the many social media outlets on a daily process.  In turn link building and back links will establish a super highway of information to challenge the programmers and engineers to create even faster tools and speed capability to transfer messages in a split second.  By the time the news is printed and distributed in the old fashion way called newspapers, it is old news!