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By Rassin Roshan, March 30, 2014 |

The importance of Blog in Today’s Society: The new borderless blogging. Blog makes a difference!

Blog English, German, Farsi | SEO-Social-Marketing, Plano, TX, offers English, Farsi, German blogs, a Search Engine Friendly way of Business!
We also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Google Ranking Tools, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies, Targeted Content Management, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO,  Website Visibility, Social Media, also provide customer service in English, German, & Farsi languages!
We also set up your website with Google Analytic and Google AdWord. In other words we can aid you in tracking your site, so you can analyze the amount time your visitors spend on each page.

  • Where does the new visitor come from?
  • From which continent down to which city?
  • By the Google Analytic set up, you can monitor how many returning visitors you have on a daily bases, versus new visitors.
  • How many of these visitors use mobile devices down to what search engine was used in order for them to visit your site?
  • What is the difference between PPC and SEM?
  • How does Blogging increase website traffic?
  • Which Social Media is better to tap into: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or any other?

Google Analytic truly is a great tool; we will teach you how to analyze and follow the basic process!
If your visitors are returning, then you are in good shape. You will notice which pages need more editing and modify those target pages.

Keyword Search for Blog

We can also aid you in keyword search, for better blogs and online paid advertising. The term is PayPerClick or PPC, as well as Google Adword. This strategy will boost your ad impressions, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), the number of times your site gets exposed and eventually attract the right client. We also create effective landing pages.  As a bonus, we consult with you on tactics to address your budget and on how to analyze your competitors, in order for you to stay on top of the game.

Video Recording for Blog

We recently added video recording, editing for instructional products. If you want an eye-to-eye video, we outsource to professionals in our area. If you want an instructional video, we create that  in-house in three languages, English, German, and Farsi, for your many clients worldwide. For all other language, we outsource. We can use your script, or create a script for you! Also, we assist you in uploading your new video on YouTube.
Please visit our YouTube Channel. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know how we may be of assistance?

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