5G Technology and Mobile Network Architecture

5G Technology and Mobile Network Architecture is the newest product in the world. 5G is the 5th generation mobile network architecture cloud application. It is the hottest service that many telecommunication companies and service providers are working on.  With companies like Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Vodafone trying to compete with giant Huawei who set 5Gs gears in motion and not slowing down.  China will lead the 5G technology worldwide and capture enormous user base. Countries like the United States of America can’t stop China with any political pressure, for Huawei states it is not a Chinese governmental entity. The race to finalized 5G mobile network architecture is on!

Many countries worldwide are striving to implement 5G network on the grid. Deutsche Telekom launched Germany’s first 5G network in Bonn and Berlin for now. The rest of Germany and Europe as a whole will improve on 5G coverage by end of 2020.

5G Software and Hardware

Countries like the United Kingdom are on their way to launch 5G in many more areas. Vodafone UK is leading the United Kingdom to a faster platform. All hardware systems need to modify their production to be compatible with the 5G software; however, not all hardware are supportive of 5G technology. Phone manufacturing companies aim to deliver the new 5G compatible phones by 2020, just in time to launch 5G technology Europe.

Is the consumer ready to pay higher prices to obtain 5G Technology and Mobile Network Architecture? Is the consumer willing to pay $869.00 for an Oppo Reno Ace 5G?

5G Technology Benefits

What are some technology benefits of using 5G? How does 5G excite the consumer? One of the major 5G technology benefits is data connectivity, which means super-speedy connections.  As NOKIA presents in this video showcasing virtual reality to automation that will drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction. As industries will catch on and find ways to make use of this ingenious new technology. Consumers will see the benefit of getting faster services.

As Sandro Tavares, Global Head of Mobile Networks Marketing at NOKIA said, “NOKIA & Verizon are in a great position to deliver an extraordinary experience on 5G. This is a first ever 5G network in the world to be based in cloud RANs standards. More than 50% of our 5G videos they involve more than one solution…customers believe this is an advantage for us.”

As Steve Marino, Sales President Verizon Customer Team at Nokia point out that 5G is extremely faster than the previous technology to give customers a great TV and Video experience.

Previously, the world was connected through either wireless or wire connectivity; now 5G technology will change all of that in a mind-blowing way!

Written by Rassin Roshan, Seo-Social-Marketing, October 10, 2019; Visit me on LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing, Blog and Tips

Blogging and Content Marketing have been around for many years. As time progresses, the industry gets more sophisticated, yet, content marketing (includes infographics, news videos, podcasting, charts…) tips and tricks are provided readily to those who seek it. The Internet is a vast source of knowledge!

Would you like to write your own blog?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to write your first blog and post it.

  • Blog Post Writing: Use specific keywords (or key phrases), prompt this into your Post Title and text content.
  • Blog Post Formatting: Each blog post needs to have a heading. Use h1, h2, h3 in your section headings. Write unique headings by using keywords, and key phrases.
  • Blog Post Distribution: Use your many social media accounts. Post links to your social media. If you don’t have any, please create a few. We suggest at least Twitter & Facebook, or any other social network that fits your industry.

Blogging, Content Marketing & SEO

You might ask, why should you write a blog post?

  • Blog posts create great SEO juice in Google Search in 2019
  • It is advised to write unique blog posts for your business.
  •  Be consistent! If you post twice a month, do it on time.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers online. It is a way of sharing information and data of media and publishing content in a unique and original way.

What is News Video Blog?

A news video blog is similar to a video. The content is written out, recording live with participants in a studio setting with lighting, makeup, and no background noise. News videos rank higher. In the news video you will interview a notable person about a trendy subject.

What is a Podcast Blog?

  •  Podcasts are prerecorded content
  •  Popular among the younger generation
  •  Write a fun podcast blog post!
  • When speaking of podcast, internet radio comes in mind. Internet radio shows are live on a special day and time.
  • Podcasts can be the outcome of a recorded radio show, that is a prerecorded audio files, which, is uploaded on an audio friendly platforms and live on the Internet forever.

Easy Ways to Use Content Marketing for SEO

  • Write a fun blog post!
  • Ask the same questions your customers ask you.
  • In your  blog posts answer your customer’s questions.
  • If your blog post is in Farsi or German, give us a call, we can help! A Farsi Blog Post needs additional strategy.

Example:  A realtor writes a series of blog posts on how to get your house ready for sale.

SEO TIPS for Blog Posts

  • When writing a blog, Google indexes every word you write in your “Post Title.”
  • Always use header tags such as H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
  • Google has the ability to index your phrases and your main search terms, to provide search results.
  • Do not over use keywords, just write naturally!

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Is Link-Building Dead in 2015?

What is Link-Building, and Is Link-Building Dead in 2015?

By: Rassin Roshan | April 6, 2015 | http://www.seo-social-marketing.com

Since the start of this year, 2015, I noticed how industry leaders as well as business executives, ask the same question. Is Link-Building dead in 2015?  “NO!”  This simple answer does not seem to satisfy many concerned people.

People confuse on-page and off-page optimization, with link-building. Websites that contain more than one page need off-page optimization.  In simple terms, create content rich pages, link the pages to each other and link them to similar content.  So how is this different than, “Link-building”?


Link-Building, is a term that we use for linking websites to qualified sites. In the past, some companies would go to “Link Farming” and have irrelevant sites backlink to their target site. (Link Farming is a negative approach and is categorized under Black Hat SEO.) Within time, Google noticed how some companies used this back linking excessively, and in turn companies using such faulty strategies were panelized.  e.g. J.C. Penney.

If you all recall, early 2011, J.C. Penney took a different approach on search engine optimization (SEO). They hired a local marketing firm called “SearchDex”, to implement a strategy, that would rank www.jcpenney.com high!  SearchDex implemented an intense keyword and search query for every product that J.C. Penney sold. Within a short time, Penney’s would rank incredibly high on every product keyword.  The New York Times investigated J.C. Penney’s online marketing strategy.  It is incredible for a retailer to rank higher than before in a short time.  An investigation took place and the results were that J.C. Penney used an unpaid (organic ) search engine optimization approach.  It is applaudable to create an extraordinary organic search strategy and rank high.

However, after digging further, it became clear that J.C. Penney’s website received backlinks from many irrelevant websites that were over optimized on all anchor texts. This study case is known for “JC Penney’s Black Hat Link Building.”  

To make matters worse for J.C. Penney, The New York Times presented their findings to Google.  In turn, Google investigated and announced that the tactics used by J.C. Penney were violating Google webmaster guidelines.  Shortly after J.C. Penney could not be found for the queries it previously ranked number one.

From one side J.C. Penney did Google a favor to validate that Google’s algorithm works. From the other side, Penney’s lost face, stock plunged, and the company had to reconstruct its management team and fired their SEO firm, SearchDex.

In conclusion, “Link-Building” has to be done wisely!  Every website will benefit from a healthy link-building strategy, as well as a healthy social media strategy. How to implement organic link-building is based on how you execute your social media campaign.  Therefore, link-building is not dead in 2015.

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Therefore, we take upon ourselves to aid customers in these very important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly site management.

Our Internet Marketing & SEO services consists of:

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We at SEO-Social-Marketing, Plano, TX, also consult our clients on what not to do to fall out with Google. In some instances, clients don’t have website or domain name, we then aid them in creating a unique keyword driven domain name (KDDN), and work with the web developers in structuring the site properly from start to finish, to make the site SEO friendly as possible. Recently Google announced the it’s new Google EMDs (exact match domain name); as well as Google’s new PBN, Private Blog Network

In other cases the client has an existing website for years; yet, no keyword can pull that website to surface. Troubleshooting is necessary to determine the error in the design or structure of website; in order to be indexed and comply with the dominating world’s largest search engine rules. Google!

We pride ourselves to provide service to English, German  and Farsi speaking clients. We also provide Deutsch SEO – German SEO and Farsi SEO.

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