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SEO-Social-Marketing” a multi-lingual Digital Marketing firm in Plano, Texas. We provide organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to small upstarting firm, who are interested in gaining website visibility on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, within the North Dallas, Plano, Addison, Frisco, going West spanning through Arlington, Fort Worth. We also have a location in Joplin, MO. We offer a holiday package discount.

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Our goal is to aid our multi-cultural clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Joplin, MO, area in visibility of their company website on the World Wide Web. We enable local search optimization, SEO marketing strategies, and local SEO services for our clients. We understand that many international clients have two sites meaning one in the target language and one in English. Our goal is to create a SEO friendly English version of your website and guide you with your target language site. In short we like to provide you a dual-SEO friendly site! Our customer service is in the English, Farsi and German languages. We pride ourselves in applying proven Search Engine Optimization techniques that will instantly begin to propel your website toward the #1 position on Google for industry unique keywords, even while you sleep! Many companies are not aware of Google’s online rules and regulations, nor are they familiar with the penalties that their websites can endure for the lack of proper structure, design and Search Engine Optimization compatibility. We are proud to say SEO-Social-Marketing | Plano SEO Services is here to assist you in a successful online marketing journey! Therefore, we take upon ourselves to aid and advice our customers in these very important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly site management. With our expert SEO skills, your sites search engine ranking optimization, will improve.

SEO-Social-Marketing | Plano SEO Services main products:

We offer a total of 12 different Digital Marketing & SEO services!

  • Search Engine Optimization Rules (On-page & Off-page)
  • Organic  Link Building
  • Keyword placement and Unique Content Management
  • Social Media Marketing: FB, PinterestTwitter, and more…
  • Tip and tricks of researching the competition
  • Google AdWords (YouTube Ads)
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ad Manager (FB / Instagram)
  • Twitter Ads 
  • SEO Tools for understanding website visitor behavior
  • Visibility and Ranking through Keywords
  • And the best strategies for your unique website

Some call it SEO Magic!

We also consult our clients on what not to do to fall out with Google. Therefore, SEO-Social-Marketing will teach you our client search engine optimization basics so you can have a better understanding! In some instances, clients don’t have website or domain name, we then aid them in creating a unique domain name, and work with the web developers in structuring the site properly from start to finish, to make the site search engine and SEO friendly as possible. We also provide a page on our website to clients who do not want their own website. In other cases the client has an existing website for years; yet, no keyword can pull that website to surface. Troubleshooting is necessary to determine the error in the design or structure of website; in order to be indexed and comply with the dominating world’s largest search engine rules. Google! After using the Search Engine Optimization tools and bringing the clients page up to par, and consulting our clients to think within this realm, in result there pages will be indexed properly, found and ranked desirably, not only on Google, but also Bing and Yahoo. We also introduce our clients to some valuable sites like Yoast. Please feel free in contacting us either via email or phone (972) 757-1587. Thank you!